Chandelier Number One

First of all…brass light fixtures should be outlawed.  They are hideous.  But then when did contractors really step back and think…’Wouldn’t a chandelier look gorgeous here?’  So no they don’t.

Our house was built in the late 90s.  One of the worst periods for builder grade light fixtures.  And cabinetry, but more on that later.  IMG_1883

Why oh why didn’t I take a before picture?

Oh yeah…I got project happy.


Let’s just picture frosted glass lamp shades…hideous.  Especially when I have worked so hard on my furniture in the parlor (we have a living room/kitchen).

So here goes the DIY

  1. Take off lamp shades and light bulbs
  2. Tape around the junction where the lights attach (very important)
  3. tape the ends of the wire
  4. Handy dandy PRIMER!!! All over.  Its best to hang your light fixture when you are spray painting, you can do this from a ladder or the tracks that your garage door runs on.  Take away all garage door openers from your husband when you do this.
  5. Wait 15 minutes
  6. Spray paint actual color, making sure to get into every crack and crevice.
  7. Wait 15 minutes
  8. Paint another coat.  I used a semi gloss on this one.
  9. Wait…not my favorite part.
  10. Have your MIL (mother in law) come over to watch Little Miss Owl. It helps.
  11. Add crystals! The ones hanging from the bottom are from Hobby Lobby’s wedding section and were 50% off so only $5! I also strung beads ($10) and then had bought wired beads that are wrapped around the arms on clearance ($2).  So for everything including paint it was $30. Reuse the light bulbs if you can.



AND TA DA!!! See, my MILs arm.  And Miss Owls slide. But hey, project happy.

I will update with a picture from where it went in our bedroom.

Our first Chandelier…oh the change.


Kitchen Chandelier

After my first chandelier I learned a lot, especially where I wanted the crystals to go.  A disclaimer: use glass crystals if you are hanging them close to the light bulbs as it keeps them from heating up.

This all starts with my kitchen renovation.  Mr. Wonderful said I was on my own.  Which meant all the sanding, all of the primer, all of the painting.  He did however drill holes into the cupboards for the new hardware…he doesn’t trust me with power tools.  He doesn’t know that I use the drill all the time…

I love the layout of the kitchen…but the builder grade cabinets weren’t to my taste.


See? Blah. This is after I painted the wall a nice French Grey.  It’s such a calm cool color.  I was on my own for the painting too, but I finished during Little Miss Owl’s nap.  Score one for Mom.

And then after a whole week of utter upheaval in the kitchen…


Half of the cabinets are done…see the doors on the counter? And the ugly paper towel holder underneath the far cabinets (the perfect place for hanging wine glasses).  But its getting better.

And then another week…I had a hard time.  As much as I like projects I like order a lot better.  And you can’t really get away from the utter mess in the kitchen.


And then all of a sudden it was finished.  Hurray to Mr. Wonderful and my FIL for the bead board backsplash and the bead board all around the bar area. And then you look up to the light fixture in the kitchen.  The long hideous thing that looks like it belongs in a warehouse.

And then…the trip to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  Where I found this beauty.  $35.


All the different light bulbs…and then look…one of Little Miss Owl’s books underneath.  The life of a mom.  So off come the light bulbs along with the shades.  It already looked better.  Trust me.


So after a coat of primer…looking much better. And then I bought gloss spray paint.  One of my best decisions. And then to Home Depot for a ceiling medallion, which made a world of difference.


After taking out the screws that held in the shades I realized that they made the perfect place to attach the crystals.  And then there’s my other genius moment with the great dangling crystal in the center…lovely.

And then with more help from Mr. Wonderful and FIL with MIL entertaining Little Miss Owl…


This happened.


Its fabulous. See the ceiling medallion?  And the valance that my MIL made for me.

I couldn’t be happier.



It’s a great way to start off something…reminiscent of tv shows and the nail biting wondering whether it will be a success. 

I am a wife.

I am a mother. 

I also have a project bug. (I.e. completely re done cabinetry bathrooms in progress, wing back chair redo, a plan for my daughter-Miss Owl’s, room…and chandeliers.)

Chandeliers….such beauty…I have a weakness for them.  We already have three in our house. Mr. Wonderful doesn’t want anymore. Why? Who knows. Now they will be beautified and ready for loving homes.

so here we go…soon to come are the tutorials for the first two chandeliers