The Start of It All…

I’m so excited about this chandelier.  It’s going to be the first that I will list for sale and after talking with Mr. Wonderful (he happens to be a cartoonist and wildlife/nature photographer…I married a talented man) about the color.  He’s an artist and he can see beauty in ways other people really can’t. So after seeing these…


and looking at my entire Pinterest board of Chandeliers we finally settled on a color…

Rose Gold…

If Tiffany and Co. thinks its gorgeous, that just means I have exceptional taste.

So here’s the color…


Gorgeous right?


Rose Gold…so fantastic.  And it works for all types of decor instead of pure white or as modern as black (soon to come though).

And this is what Dad’s are for.  Picking up said chandelier when you are out of town and don’t want to loose it.  Little Miss Owl wasn’t happy we were discussing light fixtures when she felt that her Papa should be solely talking to her.  I carry on two conversations all day…not like schizophrenic, but more like “Yes Dad that would be great for you to pick it up tonight…no sweetheart you don’t need to have more cheerios…So thanks dad.” Yep, he’s wrapped around her two-year-old pinky and I think I detected a little sigh when she said “Wuv You PAPA!”


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