Colorado State Capitol

If you haven’t visited your state capitol building now is the time to do so…or well go on your state’s website and figure out when your legislature is in session.  Currently our lovely gold plated dome is under construction…which is really quite unfortunate.  The project is slated to be completed mid 2014.

So here’s the dome under normal circumstances


And then now…


Not so pretty. There is now scaffolding going all the way up to the top of the dome.

Oh well. But an interesting fact; the Colorado State Capitol was designed to echo the aesthetics of the nation’s capitol in D.C. It’s really quite gorgeous. The building is chalk full of Colorado History and the walls are lined with Colorado Rose Onyx, a rare rose marble found only in Beulah, Colorado, and the project depleted all known supplies.

So Little Miss Owl and I paid a visit.

photo 1

Isn’t she adorable? Let’s just forget about the building.

photo 2

I’m not entirely sure why she wouldn’t stay still for the photo.  Two year olds.  Honestly.

I tried to convince Mr. Wonderful that this was exactly what our next house should look like, I mean wow…


And from the inside of the dome.


It’s all rather gorgeous.  And then there’s the politics, but they all love babies. Especially Miss Owl.  There’s a possibility our governor would give up his seat to her…



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