The Start of it All: Part 1

It’s so wonderful to finally get your hands onto a project after obsessing about it for about a week. So during Little Miss Owl’s nap I was able to start on this fabulous piece. Let’s just start by saying it was extremely dirty. Another little tip; turn the chandelier upside down and shake a little to get all the bugs, dirt, and other disgusting things out of the light sockets.



It’s covered in a layer of grime and trust me, cobwebs do not look pretty when spray painted.  So I arranged my cleaning supplies.


Once this beauty was clean the intricacy of the detailing could be fully appreciated.


It’s just gorgeous, there is so much detailing. There was also a sticker attached to the underside of the canopie (what attaches to the ceiling) with the maker of the light. Quorum International from 1998. They are incredibly high quality which is great.


See the little sticker that says “10 12 28”? I was super excited thinking this was a piece from the late 1920s.  Ha ha no.  I am a lover of all things historical so I jump to conclusions a lot.

So on goes the tape and the first round of primer to this beauty after my let down about the age.  It’s only 15 years old.


Not attractive at all. But then comes greatness…copper spray paint. It’s the closest to rose gold you can get.  Something I’d like to try is a darker tinted primer to see how copper turns out over it…probably on something that I can throw away if it’s awful.


Mr. Wonderful did the holding for this picture…at a whopping 18.4 lbs I got a dirty look after taking about 20 pictures.  The before and after are really astounding, and I haven’t even added all the goodies yet!!! So here’s another view…


The color is just fantastic.  There’s only one tiny spot along the column that I will have to sand and patch.  The only downside to this project was that Walmart didn’t have copper.  They had gold, silver, bronze…blah blah blah.  No copper.  So Mr. Wonderful picked up the ACE brand in copper.  The nozzle gave me a blisters…which has never happened before.  Ever.  Oh well…I just hope the buyer really falls in love with this beauty.

I also picked up 6 ft worth of crystal strands from Michaels.  Only $7.50 after my 40% off coupon.


So stay tuned for the final reveal and sale information.  It will also be posted on my Etsy account, Brasstochandelier.


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