Little Miss Owl’s Room Makeover: The Planning

This project has been on my mind for quite a few months.  My sweet little girl is turning 2 soon and we haven’t changed the nursery at all.  She is changing so quickly and I really want something that will grow with her for quite a few years.

So here it is now…


I love the Tiffany blue and Mr. Wonderful was the one who picked out the amazing stripe color…I never knew that he would willingly pick out a pink paint.  Miss Owl already had him wrapped around her finger and she wasn’t even born yet.  But that’s a Dad for you.  I’ve even taught her how to blink her eyes at Daddy…then she did it to my Dad.  You could see him visibly melt.  That’s how she spent an entire meal at a restaurant perched on his lap.

Anyways…after seeing this amazing picture on Pinterest it sparked my imagination.


I love all things shabby chic and this was the culmination of what I envisioned for her room.  So off to Michaels I went…and nothing.  Nothing on top of a $20 price tag for 40 sheets.  And for her 8’x8′ wall I would have needed two.  Needless to say I was a little discouraged.  But my Mommy brain remembered that Joann’s also has a scrap booking section and usually has good prices.  So off Little Miss Owl and I go.

And then we found this…


The culmination of all my dreams.  Do you see the 180 SHEETS sticker at the top?  Want to know the price?


Yep.  Perfect. And on sale.

All that was missing was a couple pages of stripes so we then made another trip to Hobby Lobby to pick up another couple of sheets to round out our collection.

So back to the room.  In the above picture the walls are painted white, which is the ultimate definition of shabby chic.  Miss Owl’s walls are cream?  Possibly.  So I’m still struggling with whether to paint the walls or not.  And then I’m also not sure about whether I need to mod podge over the paper after attaching it to the wall.  As everyone in the world knows Colorado is not a humid place…but…Mr. Wonderful likes to turn up the humidifier in Little Miss Owl’s room so high that condensation runs down the windows.  I’m pretty sure paper will not hold up so well without some sort of sealer over it.  Dilemmas, dilemmas, dilemmas.

But what I do know is that Little Miss Owl needs a shabby chic, simplistic, adorable quilt.  Luckily my mom is the Quilting Queen.  And she would do anything for her only grandchild (Little Miss Owl also happens to be the ONLY grandchild on Mr. Wonderful’s side…let’s just say we rarely buy her clothes).  Look at this fabric…isn’t it divine…


I love it.  It’s so perfect.  Her crib is white and with some white sheets…perfection.  And then if that wasn’t enough to round out her room…MIL and FIL are making a Miss Owl sized desk complete with an adorable chair I picked up from IKEA.


It was obviously painted white.  And then I found this bed.


Isn’t it the most beautiful thing in the world?  What little girl wouldn’t want a white wrought iron bed?  Mr. Wonderful…ever the realistic one tells me, ‘no we don’t need it because her crib transforms into a toddler bed so we don’t need to spend the money.’  So here’s hoping someone buys it for her birthday. 🙂 Any takers?

I am incredibly excited about this project.  Luckily painting chandeliers goes quick so that I can dedicate some time to this.  All little girls deserve a room in which they can just be themselves…something bright and full of stuffed animals and books…mountains of books.


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