“Some Semblance of Order”

Those were the words the came out of my husband’s mouth at the end of the day…after two trips to the hardware store, a new lawn mower, and about three trash bags filled and in the dumpster. 

But before that, today was a long day…long in the sense that it’s the first day that Mr. Wonderful and I have been able to tackle all the projects that have been pilling up around the house and the yard.  So enter the lawn mower not starting.  It’s been my sneaking suspicion for a while that my husband’s plan all along was to kill the lawn mower to replace it with a manual one.  He likes the workout I’m pretty sure.  And to be honest our lawn isn’t that big.

So after the lawn was finished we rode off to target for organizing cabinets for Mr. Wonderful and I.  And then while Little Miss Owl was napping….the chandelier was finished!!!  I’m calling it Quorum Call (it’s made by Quorom International) and we all love politics here.  It’s beautiful.  And its scheduled for a photo shoot tomorrow.

Our last project took up the majority of the afternoon…organizing Mr. Wonderful’s office/art studio.  So enter our two new white organizers and a lot of moving around and purging…he finally utters those words…”My life now has some semblance of order.”  Although having a two year old has been good for him, there is only a short time during the day that everything is in its proper place.  The rest of the time is chaos.


One last picture…bullets in a jar. My idea.



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