There are Big Things Afoot

Yesterday I got an email from probably the last person I expected.  But the story starts about two years ago…about six months after my daughter was born.

I felt awful about myself.  The weight gain during pregnancy, although only about 12 lb after she was born, just wouldn’t come off.  It was such a hard place to be in.  And then…I found (or as its known now, The Daily Hiit).  And yes I did find them off of Pinterest.  Isn’t that where everyone goes for life changing knowledge?


BodyRock was what I needed to really shed the weight, and it came off in less than two months.  My body needed short bursts of high intensity interval work (hence ‘HIIT’) and not the two hour long sessions at the gym, which I had neither the time, energy, or money for.  So for over a year now I have been BodyRocking.  I have free weights as well as bar weights that work perfectly for almost all of the exercises.  I put an interval timer on my iphone (Bit Timer), but mostly I don’t even use it.  The workouts are real time, which means you have a personal trainer with you in your home.  I put my ipad on the floor or on a chair while I work out and it pushes me farther than I would have ever been able to do before.

Obviously I’m not perfect.  I love bread.  And wine-usually at dinner.  And Mr. Wonderful loves Italian…so I don’t have the perfect body.  And I’m at the point where I want to push myself beyond what I have always been…comfortable and unchallenged.

So enter my big news, two weeks ago Freddy, Sean, and Lisa (the beauty behind the genius) sent out a status on facebook to the BodyRock community asking for bloggers who would like to join the BR community.  So I thought…you know what…I’m going to go for it.  I think I could help motivate a lot of moms who have little ones, and I know how hard it is to work through an aching back and an exhausted mind…and put yourself first-put your health first.  Because that’s really what this is about mental and physical health.  So yesterday…Freddy Light (the amazing camera talent)…emails me back. 🙂


(the wonderful Lisa)

I am officially a part of the Daily HIIT/BodyRock team of bloggers, I am unbelievably excited.  Please go check out The Daily HIIT, the workouts are between 12-20 minutes and trust me you will feel them.  You want to know the BEST part about the folks at BodyRock…they bring you daily workouts, nutrition advice, and much more for free.  Because they love it.  You won’t need more than a couple of things to lift off the floor.

So thank you to Freddy, Sean, and Lisa.  This is incredible.


2 thoughts on “There are Big Things Afoot

  1. Hi Guys,

    Just came across your blog as we have an alert set up for “Fitness Bloggers” here at The Fitness Blogger Network 🙂

    I also saw the Facebook update from Freddy and think this sounds and looks like a great project.

    Good Luck with everything and I will keep an eye out for your posts.

    Kind Regards


    AKA The Fitness Blogger

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