Le Rouge…or the Black Widow


I am sure that this chandelier is going to require a lot more elbow grease than the last one. Quorum Call was perfect…no sanding needed.  This one?  Not so much.  It’s been painted black…which was the color I was going to paint it anyways…but it’s black speckle paint…as in thousands of grains of sand ALL OVER THIS THING.  That definitely wasn’t in the ad when I bought it.  Oh well.

Apparently it can be done.  It says so on Google.  “How to remove textured spray paint from metal.”  There’s a great website called “Graffiti Hurts.” On this poor chandelier it does.  So here’s their suggestion.

Paint thinner or chemical graffiti remover/solvent and rub with steel wool or sandpaper and rinse; power washing; paint over

I can see Mr. Wonderful already shaking his head.  Wife and chemical solvents…I know he doesn’t think this is a good idea.  But the show must go on.  Because this little diamond in the rough cannot stay in her current state.


Its just awful.  You can even see where I’ve started to sand…still rough…and she has all these little crevices.  Her bones are beautiful.  And for a teaser…here’s the look we are going for.

le rouge

Red.  Glorious Red and Black.  She’s going to need her shades recovered and new candle covers (hers are looking a little sad).  I cannot wait.


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