Yesterday was one of those days…just off.  It has been incredibly crazy year so far for our little family and we are finally getting our first breath of air.  It’s incredibly difficult to come down from months worth of stress, never ending work, and continual moving.  The past couple days have felt like a dream, as if any moment I was going to wake up and go right back into the fray.  Its incredibly tiring.

But it was also one of those days when the two most important people in my life remind me to just breathe.  Little Miss Owl loves bubbles.  Almost as much as she loves owls.  But not as much as she loves her Daddy.

photo 2

See Mr. Wonderful with his back to the slide?  At this point she has started dancing in circles singing, “Dada Dada Daddy Dadddaaa!”  It was one of those moments as a parent that you will probably remember forever.  She was happy and she decided to sing about what was making her happy.

Children don’t dwell on the past or what their life was like two weeks ago or whether they missed their Dad that whole day.  He was here, he was playing with her, and he was making her day.  I want to be more like my daughter.  Just excited about life, about learning what ants are, see umbrellas everywhere, and always excited to see those she loves.

And then there’s this from two days ago.  She never says “cheese” to the camera because she automatically thinks, ‘Yes cheese! I’ll eat some cheese!”

photo 1

So here it is…

Her most cheesiest smile yet.


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