Making Changes

I’m finally getting somewhere with the hideous Black Widow.  Having things unfinished in the house…even if it is hanging in the garage is disconcerting.  Even if said chandelier is still being worked on.  The shades are completely re-done and the red really pops.


I also was told by a wonderful source (MIL) that there is such a thing called “paint stripper for metal.”  Apparently hardware stores sell this miraculous product and all you have to do is let it sit on the object for about 24 hours and then scrub/scrape it off.  I’m so excited.

On the ‘making changes’ note…it feels like my life is only about changes at this moment.  Which can be really hard…exciting and new but also a little disconcerting.  I think we as humans end up liking patterns and continuity too much for our own good.  But there is one change that I am actually excited about.

I’ve decided to remove grains from my diet for an entire week…I’m on day two.  And I realized that if I don’t go into an amazing bread store and tempt myself I don’t eat it.  And I have been feeling great.  I never realized that it really was too much grain that was causing me to feel bloated at the end of the day and now I don’t feel as bad eating a little chocolate since I am cutting out refined carbs from my diet.  Grains cause a spike in insulin levels in the body that instantly convert food into fat…not good.

I am however not going all the way and doing Paleo…it’s really too much.  Why anyone would willingly cut out things like yogurt and cheese…and ice cream…beyond me.


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