A Child’s Eyes

My daughter is almost always happy…and when you are a two year old in a world that is unfathomly large there is so much to be excited about.  Mostly its little things like baby ants, school busses, and cows and sheep and then all the world’s pinecones.  I feel as if I am learning my own world all over again.  Learning to love the minutia about life and what makes up life.  And being incredibly excited about seeing a baby bear that’s just your size…


And then today something happened that I never understood before.  In movies, in life, in books…every parent says at sometime or another that they look at their child and they can’t help but see a little baby, the one that came home from the hospital.  Yesterday I watched as my daughter ran around our lawn dancing and blowing bubbles and for a moment I couldn’t understand why she could walk…wasn’t it just yesterday she was crawling?  I looked at my baby and I saw a toddler instead.



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