We all have them.  Priorities.  Some are right where they should be and others…fall quickly behind.  And often in this crazy world it is shockingly easy to get them mixed up and our lives seem to come apart at the seams.  The Latin definition can either be “first” or “separate.”  As if we are to first separate that which should come first and then parse out from there.

For most of us actually defining what our priorities are and where they ‘should’ be is simple.  For me its; being a wife, mom, friend, and sister.  Pretty simple right?  Except that I forgot one…me.  If I don’t put myself in on that list, and preferably first, none of the rest of my priorities actually get all of me.  Putting yourself first doesn’t mean buying everything for yourself before you even think about getting new shoes for your toddler.  It means health and all that entails.  Taking small amounts of time to consider your food choices, your friend choices, exercise, and relaxation.  Isn’t it strange how when we take care of our bodies and minds we actually have a better, more complete self to give to others?

So taking care of myself in a round about way is actually taking care of my family.  Every day that I start talking myself out of a workout or into bad food choices I realize that I’m saying-“Well my family doesn’t really need me to take care of myself, they don’t need me at my best.”  Which is a LIE.

My daughter and my husband have become my source of strength and they are the reason I want to do and be better, because I want to give them the best of everything.  And most especially…Me.


P.S. Le Rouge is almost ready for her close up….!


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