Unveiling of Le Rouge

Let’s just take a step back and look at what this little diamond looked like when I bought her…


and then


not exactly confidence inspiring.

I worked incredibly hard on this little beauty.  First I spent about an hour scraping off the textured black paint with a paint stripper for metal that comes in a spray can.  It worked like a charm…I bought chemical resistant gloves for this application.  And trust me you don’t want this on your skin.  Not that I did.

Then there came much sanding and cleaning and more sanding and cleaning until I was happy with it.  A coat of black primer and she was ready for her glossy black finish.  Which took two coats and to be honest there were a couple moments when I got frustrated that the paint wasn’t as glossy as I would have liked.  I have vowed not to buy the Ace Brand paint in glossy again.  But learn as you go I guess.  I also had to get replacement candle covers as the ones that came with it were chipped and rather gross.  You can fix gross but you can’t fix chipped.  The shades had been finished for a couple of days and all that had to be done was string about 800 tiny little beads on wire and attach to the arms…which took a while.  And my back still hurts from bending over the chandelier.

And then a few crystals later and this is what you have.

Pure Beauty.


see the gorgeous black velvet covering for the chain?

Just a couple stitches and then pull it inside out…


Because we all need more…



and a few close ups of Le Rouge





Isn’t Mr. Wonderful an amazing photographer?  Little Miss Owl is giving me her input as I write this.  Its about like having a cat on your lap while typing…

If you simply love Le Rouge, please head on over to my Etsy store, brasstochandelier, to see more pictures!


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