How to Create a Scrapbook Paper Wall Quilt

So you may remember an earlier post about my grand ideas for Little Miss Owl’s room.  The gigantic project was put on hold while I finished up Le Rouge…and to be honest I felt/feel a little overwhelmed by it.

This was my inspiration:


This was the medium:


And this is where I got after an hour.

photo 2

photo 4

(64 sheets-doesn’t seem like a lot…and then you get down to it)

The trick is to not place two of a kind right beside each other…and to be honest I did a little tweaking after I finished…then I did more tweaking after I realized that I needed to add another row.  And to be on the safe side and because I didn’t want to create more work for myself later on I numbered the back of every sheet with the row and column number (i.e 1-2, 8-4).  I’m pretty sure this makes me a genius.

My plan of action is to put up the papers with glue dots and then do a thin layer of homemade mod-podge over it.  This will help keep the paper both on the wall and from getting ruined by our swamp cooler.  We are also hoping to make it over to IKEA to pick up Little Miss Owl’s bed and finish the room!

This weekend I was also able to finish a project that I’ve long promised one of my dear friends after she saw my own DIY “Keep Calm and Carry On” painting.  I’m a little of an Anglophile.  Here’s mine…


Don’t you love the sketch of “Elizabeth Tower”/Big Ben!  Target.  Clearance.

And here is hers…

photo 1

I’m a big fan of this purple…and to be honest it turned out a lot better than I imagined.  Mostly I love the crown holding the yarn and needles.  Completely my idea.


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