Blissfully Grain Free

I’m really rather excited about today, a lot of new things are happening and Mr. Wonderful and I get a date. That’s enough to make my day.

Today marks one week of being grain (or gluten) free. The Celiac Association’s studies have shown that as many as 80% of people have some degree of intolerance to gluten. Since we, as human beings, aren’t made to process gluten and grains it makes perfect sense.

I feel amazing. I’ve lost 3 lb during the week and I have more energy for workouts than I did before with eating grains. I have noticed that the one morning after I had small amount of grain I felt awful and it took a couple hours for it to subside. I started this just to see whether I would have more energy and lose weight and now I’m committing to being grain free for a month. I feel too good not to continue. And guess what? Mr Wonderful decided since I was doing it he couldn’t live with tempting me with bread so he’s grain free too! His only stipulation is that he gets carbs from other food sources.

I encourage all of you to try this for a week and see the changes and how different you feel. All it takes is a few substitutions for food and a healthy mindset.


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