Denver Dates

It’s really quite a strange thing how much children change your life. When our daughter was born it was hard to make the transition to family life. Now, however, it seems as if there is a hole. And there is. We are a three person family now. But Mr. Wonderful and I have made the best of our time together, short though it be, to do some things that are a little out of reach with Little Miss Owl.

I really can’t remember our last lazy breakfast that didn’t involve Miss Owl stealing half of her Daddy’s food.


We were finally able to go to this little French restaurant in downtown Denver called Le Central which was delicious.

I had their bouillabaisse which was simply superb. It’s a wonderful shellfish stew from southern France. Mr Wonderful ordered their mussels and the flavoring was exceptional.

What I love about French food is that the flavor of the dish is almost sacrosanct. Whether its chicken or shellfish or eggplant each dish is designed to enhance the natural flavors. American cuisine unfortunately seeks to change the flavor…make it different. My example…buffalo chicken wings.

Anyways…we were able to round out our day with a trip to the Denver Art Museum. I had taken Miss Owl to a Van Gogh exhibit in January but we unfortunately had to rush through since she was a little loud. The museum was fantastic. They have a Monet, Waterloo Bridge, which makes my heart flutter. Unfortunately they removed one of my favorite paintings, it’s Via Appia by John Linton Chapman. But the museum still was wonderful.


One last picture of the museums modern chandeliers. Only three lights on each and yet the planes of glass refract it all over.


All in all a great day.


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