Pushed to the Limit

Yesterday’s workout, Hiit Body #14, was brutal.  As in so brutal my arms feel as if they will fall off just trying this post.  Being female, my arms aren’t my strongest set of muscles so I struggled with this workout.  I had to modify the pushups just to get through but I can honestly say that I feel better about this workout than some of the others this last week.  It’s because I worked my weakest part of my body as hard as it would go.  And honestly I feel as thought I gained something…perhaps my arms are stronger or perhaps I just am.

Workouts aren’t the only way we need to push ourselves.  It’s really mind over matter anyways.  The mind controls so much.  This past week I feel as if I have been pushed and pulled to my max and to my surprise I’ve found that I’m a lot stronger than I realize and deeper of a person.  In pushing ourselves we learn more about who we are.  There’s an old saying that you don’t get to know a person during sunny days, you get to know them by their behavior when everything in their life is going wrong.  We should all push through failure, push through hard times, work for what we want, and not be afraid to dream.

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough.” -Unknown


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