Sisters for the Soul




So here we are.  All four of us.  I love them all so dearly.  But let me just say I had a very different view of them when I was younger.  We all got on each others nerves A LOT.  We are all SO different and it showed.  For example: I’m the only one with a liberal arts degree (2 of them).  The other three all went into the sciences.  Becca on the left: Biology, Megan: environmental studies/science (we aren’t really sure what it’s called), and Madeline (or Aunt Joe): Geology with a minor in Paleontology.  And there’s me on the lonely end with English History and Political Science.  But hey…I love them because they know different things than I do.  I have all my history friends from college that I can talk shop with.

We had Aunt Joe’s birthday party this week and there is nothing like standing in your mother’s kitchen eating food and loudly chatting away about life.  So much has changed since we were young, life continues to take us all in different directions and to be honest I’m not looking forward to when my youngest sisters graduate.  Sisters get you in a way that friends don’t.  They share all the horror stories and the hilarious episodes that you never want shared with the public…and all the embarrassing nicknames your crazy parents came up with.

To my three oldest friends…I love you.


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