Into the Mountains for a Picnic

Sundays are always great days for picnics and we are fortunate to have the mountains close enough to enjoy them on a day trip.  Mr. Wonderful’s parents invited us for a picnic which was wonderful, I didn’t have to worry about anything but making sure Little Miss Owl had enough diapers and milk and obviously her favorite owl as well.  The lunch was fabulous, chicken, pasta salad, fruit salad, potato salad, and my MILs incredible cookies.

There’s just something about getting out of the city and reveling in the beauty of God’s creation.  It was so quiet and peaceful and was about 20 degrees cooler than the valley below.  Little Miss Owl was ecstatic.  There were pinecones littering the entire ground.  She can only fit about five in her little hands so her Mema gave her an empty ziploc.

photo 1


It was completely full by the time we were ready to leave.  There were pinecones she just really had to have but on the whole she wasn’t picky.  Watching her was incredible.  She panicked when she thought we were taking the bag of pinecones away and she even had to carry it while Daddy walked with her down to the lake.  I hope she enjoys the little things like pinecones forever, even if her entire closet is stuffed with bags of pinecones from the forest.

photo 2

See the bag? Half full at this point.



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