What is Found on a Bottle

I’m not sure this could be made up.  Simple Truth Vapor Distilled Water from City Market…


Do you think they get them from Chinese Food restaurants?  It’s obviously a little disconcerting.

On a different note…my eldest sister and I now have the same fridge and its stainless steel.  Which is not the best material to have in a home with sticky little fingers.  All of you with stainless appliances…pour a little baby oil on a paper towel, wipe it on the appliance then wipe off with a clean paper towel.  Your appliance is now brand new.  You’re welcome.

I also cleaned up the counters in the kitchen a little today.  Mr. Wonderful and I can’t have caffeine so the coffee maker on the counter was taking up space so away it went and now my adorable little $10, clearance, scone tray can be displayed on the counter.  I love TJ Maxx…and thanks to Deanna for dragging me out.


Because sometimes you just need to organize a little…


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