Plans for Chandelier #5

So I’m excited to announce that Le Rouge will be sold this week, my mother decided it would look great in her quilting room and so it’s off to a new home soon.  Which leaves an empty hook in my garage which will not be empty for long.

An amazing place for little diamonds in the rough are local Habitat for Humanity ReStores.  I have found that thrift stores and Craigslist are notoriously short on chandeliers…or at least in my area, although I haven’t had a lot of luck in Denver either.  I have standards when it comes to chandeliers.  I don’t like when the lights hang down instead of up.  It’s just not appealing in any sense.  I can work with any color or metal so that’s not a problem.  Number 2, I can’t do Tiffany style lights.  Personally I think they are pretty-my grandma had one hanging over my Papa’s favorite chair in their living room, but no one really uses them currently.  So besides those…there’s not much that can date a chandelier that isn’t able to be covered by paint, crystals, and beads.

I have two chandeliers running around in my imagination…the sea star one.

photo 3

And Mr. Wonderful keeps asking me to do another white one.  Why?  He thinks they are the best apparently.  So I am on the lookout for an amazing new light fixture…I’d love to get one with some leaf or scroll work detailing and do some softly colored crystals.


See detailing?  This one was done in a white glaze with some of the original silver peeking out…obviously not white.  I have also found that Michaels has $12 spray paint that comes in all the beautiful colors I could ever dream about.  Le sigh.  Perhaps with a 40% off coupon…hey a girl can dream.


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