Gallery Wall

Yesterday was a great day.  It started with a cup of chai tea with my sister in her new house and reminiscing about life and how quickly things change.  Her and her husband moved from the condo that they came home to after their wedding, the place she lived when they were dating.  She played the Trace Adkins song “You’re Going to Miss This,” and told me that the memories they shared while living in that condo are so dear and that while life does move on and we have children and buy houses, but we miss our roots.  We miss the beginnings.

Mr. Wonderful and I, however, have made four moves during our marriage thus far and with each successive move its easier to process. Right now though, we love our house.  Its everything we need and we have slowly made it into a home.  I finally finished the gallery wall I’ve been wanting to put up for months.  It’s a combination of IKEA frames, Target clearance, and mixed media.  The first step is planning out the wall first so it can be rearranged to your liking, all the while keeping in mind the dimensions of the wall it will be hung on.


Mixed media like the keys and the mirror really help to break up the otherwise pure white of the gallery and frames like the feathered and oval shaped ones bring dimension to the rectangular frames.  I decided to add a couple of Mr. Wonderful’s artwork so that the wall was not entirely photos.  From the top; a Wednesday flower day drawing of roses, a letter (underneath the keys), and a couture sketch of my wedding dress.


Heres the final product.  We added a little green ‘E’ as well as a painting of an owl that was given to our daughter.  Mr. Wonderful hung it all.  If you make mistakes hanging and find there are holes in the wall just rub a bar of soap over the hole and it will completely cover it up.  Works like a charm.

Just a note to those of you with little ones, hang the photos up above where your child can reach and then when they come close just reiterate they aren’t allowed to touch.  It worked last Christmas with the tree extraordinarily well.  Miss Owl knew she could lightly touch the baubles and she had a couple non breakable ones that she could put on the tree.  Boundaries…that’s all children need to know.


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