Finding Motivation

One of the great things about Netflix is that you are able to take advantage of new shows…especially when Little Miss Owl is asleep and I just need to sit down and not think.  One of my new favorites is Out of the Wild by the Discovery Channel.  The show drops 9 normal people off places like Venezuela and Alaska and have them survive in the wilderness to make it back to civilization.  But what’s most interesting is that the ones that make it out of the wild are the ones that are mentally tough.

To be honest that is what life is about.  It’s about finding what is your motivation to handle what it is life throws at you.  It doesn’t matter if its trying to start working out or changing your diet or a new job.  Life is change.  And life is hard.  Yesterday Miss Owl fell on some rocks and skimmed her knee but she was so concerned about ridding her little tricycle that she didn’t even care about her knee.  It was incredible to watch…how she just blew off the skinned knee.  I would love to be like that…my daughter teaches me daily what it means to truly live and to blow off setbacks and carry on.

During WWII the British government set up a series of posters during the bombing of Britain in an effort to keep citizens calm and keep pandemonium from breaking out.  The most famous of all of these posters was never even used during the war.  It is quintessentially British…but it’s also exactly what it means to push through challenges in life and to continually push on.



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