Given a Chance

So you all know that I applied to be a Daily Hiit Team Blogger in early May.  I received back an email a couple weeks later about making it through the first round of eliminations by the owners/hosts.  Then I received another email about two weeks ago directing me to fill out an application to be a Daily Hiit Blogger on their website along with writing a few paragraphs about why I am a good fit, what makes me stand out, etc.

For those of you that don’t know The Daily Hiit is viewed around the world both on their website, youtube page, and facebook page.  Their facebook page alone has almost 500,000 likes.  It’s a huge community of members and has been written up in numerous magazines as one of the number one workout programs on the web.  Never mind that it’s FREE.

So on Friday I received another email from the CEO, Freddy Light…this is what it said…

“Hello Rachael, I’m writing to welcome you as a featured blogger on our new blogging platform.  In our first round of applications we received over 1000 applications from all over the world-and less than 10 percent made it through our selection process-as one of the few that made it in, congratulations and welcome to our family”

I really cannot believe it.  It’s a huge opportunity to help other people as well as increasing the audience for my blog.

Look for the first post on really soon!


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