Chandelier #5: Currently Nameless

I have yet to come up with a decent name by which to call this chandelier.  My plan is to cover it with a good quantity of crystal strands along with prisms that will hang all over.

Here’s some of my inspiration via my pinterest board.


Love the bead work on this one…


 Hanging prisms…


I love the blue on the candle covers…it speaks to me.

Mr. Wonderful did take photos of the new chandelier and without further ado…


Doesn’t she have great bones…see the lone unfrosted bulb…well the previous owners accidentally broke off one of the bulbs and only the bottom metal part was left in.  But you know, a couple twists of the pliers and out it came.  And I unfortunately do not have frosted bulbs in my collection.  Oh and strangely enough…the woman I bought this from is my sister’s real estate agent.  This is what she says to me, “Are you Rebecca’s sister?”  This is not the first time this has happened…


See…Mr. Wonderful even did a close up of the anomaly. My favorite part of this chandelier is the swags…it almost looks like water flowing.

I also went to our local hardware store, True Value, to pick up paint.  And the verdict is in that it will be silver.  But I also found something fabulous.


See it there on the left…?


Rose Gold!!! The closest I have ever seen.  The photo doesn’t do it justice…I can’t wait to paint something.  Please people send me chandeliers!!!


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