Chandelier #5: Study in Silver

Study in Silver: I finally settled on a name.  Since this is the first silver chandelier I have done I wanted to pay tribute to an artists work when they draw/paint/create something new and call it a ‘study.’  It’s probably why Mr. Wonderful liked it better than the other name contender: Dressed in Crystal.

 I am extremely pleased with how this new chandelier is coming along. I decided to do something a little different and picked up a wax metallic finish made by Amaco called Rub and Buff. It gives the piece and antique finish without having to painstakingly apply silver flakes (and without the cost). Although if I come across a highly detailed chandelier, flakes will probably be in order.
Then, on Tuesday, the chandelier was taped, primed, painted silver, and then hung to dry in the garage overnight.


photo 2

Yesterday morning the metallic finish was applied and then buffed. The candle covers all received a cleaning and were spray painted white to freshen them up.

The crystals I ordered for this chandelier should arrive on Friday. My plan is to make this a rather decadent piece since it has such clean lines.  Here are the most recent pics.  Incidentally I forgot to put the candle covers back on…but you know what, oh well.

DSC_0340 DSC_0337

The chandelier after the metallic finish became less reflective but it does have a nice tone to it.  Next to come will be pictures with the start of the crystal dressing.  It really is going to be phenomenal.


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