On Father’s Day

In my life I have been fortunate to watch three different fathers go about their lives in the most exceptional ways.  My grandfather was quiet and not one to show emotion but he was always there, a bulwark one could lean on and find strength.  My Dad…he’s a ball of energy and I don’t think he’s ever refused a hug.  This could be because with four daughters you are obligated to indulge them.   He can be extremely tough and business like and then switch to doting grandfather in a heart beat.

Then there’s my husband.  The devoted father of my child, and that doesn’t even begin to cover it.  When Miss Owl was born we had the opportunity to do something that neither my father or grandfather had the chance to do.  We were able to grow and become a family for six weeks without having to worry about work.  Mr. Wonderful was able to give my daughter the greatest gift…himself.  His time.  We were incredibly blessed that he was able to take the FMLA time and accrued sick time to be at home with us.  They grew so close and within a couple weeks Miss Owl was as comfortable with him as she was with me.


And it continues to this day.  Fatherhood has filled his life with a purpose that nothing else could.  He sees in her the reason why he works for his dreams…to create the best life possible for his daughter.

The love of a mother is taken for granted.  Her love is constant and as sure as the sun rises in the morning.  But a father…he chooses to love.  To have the love of a father is to know that you are valued, worthy, and most of all that you are special to him.  Fatherhood is a choice, an acceptance.


Photo credit: Courtney Jacobs Photography


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