Being Commissioned

I’m excited to announce I’ve received my first commission for a custom designed piece.  I am starting with two wall sconces and then pursuing the perfect chandelier.  The client wants a two light sconce painted white with an abundance of crystal.  I’ve decided to do both completely in Swarovski Crystal as they are the best quality and reflect light like few crystals do.  It also has to have a Japanese element and feel to it so that it fits with the decor.  After spending two hours on research and drawing…


I came up with this…obviously it doesn’t have two lights.  And obviously my rough drawing isn’t all that great.  But you get the idea.  Raindrop crystals which would look simply superb, lots of crystal, and my favorite…a small wooden sign with parchment applied to it with the Japanese symbol for love.  Admire away at my calligraphy skills…

I love the ocean like feel to this sconce…

Here’s another possibility…


It has the same sort of feel to it although I’m not a fan (as I normally am) of the candle covers.  It seems to throw the sconce out of balance.  But I’m all for perusing shops like the ReStore and second hand stores for that little diamond that everyone passes by.  Wish me luck everyone!!


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