Today turned up an unfruitful search for a pair of two light sconces…although I do have a couple more places around town to check.  Perhaps we strike out just enough for us to find that one great piece.  I was searching for a couple of weeks before I found the piece that was my most recent makeover.  So I’ll just keep on…

In other news I just bought spray adhesive at Joann’s while shopping with my best friend, it helps to have someone logical when you can’t seem to think where they would put such a crazy thing like ‘spray adhesive.’  Incidentally they cary it on the wall with other phenomenal things like mod podge back by all the scrapbooking supplies.  If anyone out there is wondering.  So, with said adhesive, Little Miss Owl’s wall should be finished by the end of this week depending on how the babysitting works out.  Redoing a room definitely turns into a much larger project than one originally anticipates.  For example, the changing table…since Miss Owl is turning two it’s not really necessary anymore and she barely fits on it.  And it takes up a large amount of space…so Mr. Wonderful and I are on the lookout for a little chest of drawers to be able to put in her closet to make room for the new desk that Papa is making.  Sometimes I wonder how a two year old can be so spoiled…


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