How to Create a Scrapbook Paper Wall: Final Look

photo 3

I’ve decided to give a complete run down of the scrapbook paper wall.  My first piece of advice is that it’s going to be extremely difficult to maintain in a humid climate (whether man made or nature).

First things first.  Measure your wall.  Mine was a little shy of 8’x8′ which means I needed 64 sheets of the 12″ scrapbook paper.


And there it is.  Go to Joanns or Hobby Lobby armed with one of their amazing coupons and snag this for about $11.Plus you are set for a LONG LONG time for paper.  While at said store also pick up spray adhesive, the light to medium strength will do.  I would err on the side of the medium with textured walls.  It’s best to spray both the wall and the paper, let sit for 1 minute and then put up.

I laid out all of my paper on our living room floor like so…

photo 3

which allowed me to easily see how it was going to look on the wall, for more info on the set up of the paper click here.

Make sure you keep track of how the sheets will go on the wall.  Something like Row 2-Column 3 (2-3) works really well written on the back of each sheet.

I put up the first column on the wall to make sure everything was straight and then did the first row.  If the sheets are too long along the bottom and second side merely take a sharp blade and cut right along the crease.

I went through a couple of bad moments with this wall…a couple sheets fell down…then a couple more.  And I wanted to give up.  We run the humidifier in our daughters room and it was causing the paper to pull away.  Then I taped the bad spots with some extremely clear tape to give it a little more stability and repressed the sheets to the wall.  I tried modpodge over the paper but it’s not the best.  The paper warps yet again.

This is an incredibly time consuming task…or at least it seemed so with a two year old running around.

Here’s a look at her room before…


It’s ok…a little boring.

photo 1

Much better…

photo 2

I feel drawn to her room now…and with the fact that I picked out the fabric for her new quilt…it’s going to be fabulous.

photo 3

Here’s the fabric…

photo 1

photo 2

Sorry about the fuzziness…Mr. Wonderful has the camera.

Hope you enjoyed!


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