Daily Hiit 7 Day Challenge

Just a preface…the 7 Day challenge is a mix between the Insanity workouts and a normal Daily Hiit Workout.  And it’s brutal.  Yesterday I completed Day 3 and my abs were already sore from the beating they took on Day 2.

It’s a great feeling, that soreness, and it also helped remind me today to stay away from the foods that would completely ruin the work I have been doing.  Although yesterday that wasn’t really necessary.

We have beige carpet.  There are a lot of strange things the builders did in our house.  The master bathroom without a door separating it, the ugly brass, and the fireplace that’s not centered.  But the beige carpet.  That’s the crowning jewel of the crazy thinking of men.  It’s probably because men don’t have to clean the carpets so they forget about it.  That was my morning.  Little Miss Owl was off to play and eat, and eat some more, at Grandma’s so I can clean the carpets.  And the micro fiber couch.  After two hours the carpets look great and the couch is better.  When we move, the next house is having all hard wood.  I’ll take the sweeping and moping any day.

So the housework succeeded in making me feel every twist in my abs.  And I ate pretty well today…plus a little glass of wine for a treat.

You can sign up for the Seven Day Challenge on the Daily Hiit Website.  Emails are sent to you every day with two videos, one of Lisa giving a pep talk and the other of the workout.

Wish me luck with the next four days!


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