Fits of Cooking

Fits of cooking.  Or DIY Projects.  Or cleaning.  I cook fairly often.  And I usually have a DIY project going and my house is always clean.  But you know it’s the little things that stick out at you like the dirt that’s built up on the one hallway from the garage.

Today, since Mr. Wonderful was doing work stuff (boo), I decided to make soup.  Not just any soup.  A soup Julia Child recommended in her book My Life in France. Aigo Bouido.  Or garlic soup.  Julia has this to say about the soup.

“Enjoying your first bowl of garlic soup, you might never suspect what it is made of.  Because the garlic is boiled, its after-effects are at a minimum, and its flavor becomes exquisite, aromatic, and almost unidentifiable.  Along the Mediterranean, an aigo bouido is considered to be very good indeed for the liver, blood circulation, general physical tone, and spiritual health.”

I’m not a great cook by any means but the soup turned out amazing.  Its a simple recipe but yields a great soup.  I also made toasted french bread to dip in the soup.  What an amazing lunch.  Mr. Wonderful has promised to at least try the soup.

photo 1


After yesterday’s soup I have now made five of the over 500 recipes in Mastering the Art of French Cooking.  A great onion soup, ratatouille (to everyone’s great enjoyment), poulet roti (roast chicken-now the only way I will make it), and reine de saba the most wonderful chocolate almond cake in the world. Next on the list (probably tomorrow) is a chocolate mousse.  This is obviously not the healthiest choice but…my theory is treats are good for the soul.  And mind.

photo 2

I never liked eggplant…then came the ratatouille.


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