As Little Miss Owls’s birthday draws near, which is also coincidentally Mr. Wonderful and I’s anniversary, I can’t help but remember all of the little trails (and larger ones) and misadventures we have gone through on our journey here. But what overwhelmingly gets me are the memories of the great times and the happiness. The overflowing happiness.

What I find most wondrous is the ability to have pictures and cameras literally at our fingertips. Something that my grandparents did not have. Looking at the multitude of photos that are stored on my computer allowed me to momentarily slip back in time and remember little moments that I had forgotten. Moments like when my little one used to crawl around on the floor with her plastic tea cup in her mouth. Or others like when Mr. Wonderful and I moved into our first house and how the gigantic tv we had weighed close to a ton.

I’m a hopeless romantic and I love pictures. Becca, my eldest sister, once told me that she viewed pictures as an expression of love. To hang pictures of other people in your home was to show how much you care about them. I’d say I couldn’t agree more.


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