“Making It”

Yesterday a good friend of mine discussed the feeling of failure and how each of our lives seems to us to be lacking in some way.  I’m a stay at home mom but I have two college degrees and at times I do feel as if I am lacking…not doing enough for my family by not having a ‘career.’  My friend on the other hand is single and she put it in perspective for me, I have a wonderful husband and daughter and raising a child is quite literally a ‘full-time’ job.

We talked about how almost everyone has this feeling of inadequacy in some area and how we all feel as if he haven’t “made it” yet.  The blame falls for this falls squarely on comparing ourselves to others.  Comparison kills our joy.  The only person we should be competing with is ourselves.  To be better than the person we were yesterday.

How ever many times I may think to myself that I should have a job in order to feel that I am of worth, it’s just not true.  Motherhood is a calling in and of itself.  And we are all on different tracks.  I married young and started my family young.  It was because I had found Him and waiting wasn’t something I wanted or needed to do.  And it doesn’t happen that way for everyone.

In the end I need to give myself some slack, to sit back and look at the many blessings I have in my life.  Blessings like my family.  Today when my daughter wanted to be rocked I remembered all those late night and early mornings that I took for granted when she was an infant.  And I realized that I wished them away…now I’m trying to hold on, trying to not let the precious moments slip through my fingers.


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