A Drive For Friendship

At 10am Little Miss Owl and I headed out of our house to make the two hour drive to Cimarron, CO where the Youth With A Mission campus is located. Ok, so it’s not exactly in Cimarron. It’s 12 miles outside of it up a dirt road that makes my parents ranch look as if it’s located in a gleaming metropolis.

The reason for the trip was to meet one of my best friends from college, Rachel. To our good friend Melissa we are known as Rachel squared. We haven’t seen each other in almost two and a half years and she hasn’t even met my little one.

The drive up was…well…what you would expect from a 2 year old who didn’t get to watch Ratatouille long enough before we left. But what do you know…two hours before her nap as soon as we hit the dirt road she is out. Out like a light. Snoring away in the backseat…well not snoring but the deep baby breathing that I love. Slumped over in her carseat which would definitely give me neck pain for a week.

photo 1

Mr. Wonderful wasn’t able to make the trip with us as he had meetings and had to catch up on work. The mountains at the camp reminded me a little of the highlands of Scotland with little ranches and rolling hills flowing down from the bases of snow capped peaks. The perfect place to worship God, surrounded by the beauty of nature.

photo 1

photo 2

Looking down into the valley

We spent most of our precious time walking around picking dandelions and as of yesterday there were none to be found when we left.  They are such a little thing that most people view as a menace but Miss Owl loves them…when her hands get too full she hands the others off to me and goes off in search of more.

photo 3

Here they are!!!

photo 4

Dump trucks are obviously for carting around dandelions…

Spending precious hours with Rachel felt like returning to our college days…chatting about history and keeping each other up to date on our lives.  The time flew by altogether too quickly although we promised to meet next year.  Time with good friends is a balm to the soul the life equivalent of curling up with a good book and coffee.  Comforting.

photo 1

The parting…so sad

photo 2

“You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace”

And we did watch Ratatouille when we returned home…


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