10 Things My Daughter Has Taught Me

This week I’m doing a series of posts about what those close to me have taught me about; life, love, marriage, parenting, God, and a million other things…

Starting with the most recent addition to my life.


10 Things My Daughter Has Taught Me

1. Time moves with lightning speed…it is best to enjoy life to the fullest every moment.

2. Laugh and Dance as much as possible.

3. Love unconditionally, irrevocably, and forget about yesterday’s trials.

4. Those who love us do not wake up every day with the express desire to torment us.

5. The rough patches in life only last for a short time…even the sleepless nights and the projectile vomiting.

6. The good in life completely overwhelms the bad.

7. Smiles are the best way to win people over.

8.Reading is always a good idea…especially before bed.

9. Grandparents should be around early and often.

10. Love is a choice, every day.  A choice to accept another person as imperfect and hug and kiss them anyways.


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