10 Things My Husband Has Taught Me

10 Things My Husband Has Taught Me


1. Life isn’t perfect.  And neither is the person you marry.

2. Love isn’t automatic in marriage.  You have to put love in on a daily basis.

3. You won’t have your parent’s marriage…you make your own mistakes.

4. Talking is the best form of stress relief.

5. Strange as it is…your spouse loves your flaws about as much as you hate them.

6. Sex complicates everything.

7. Men can surprise you, especially in the capacity to be a doting father to your children.

8. To love and be loved in return allows us to blossom in ways unimaginable before and to achieve more than we thought possible.

9. We are our own worst critic.

10. Dating doesn’t last forever…but you can make the honeymoon phase last a lifetime.

Photo Courtesy of Courtney Jacobs Photography


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