10 Things My Sisters Taught Me

Here we are Day 3.

10 Things My Sisters Taught Me


1. Sisters are the salt of life…and basil…oregano…paprika…garlic…basically every spice.

2. You fight most often with the people you love the most.

3. Uncontrollable laughter is always a good idea.

4. If you fall I may point and laugh but I’ll always help you back up.

5. Siblings never forget the horrible nicknames your parents came up with when you were young.

6. Husbands and babies don’t change us.

7. You share more DNA in common with your siblings than you do with anyone else on the planet…that’s why you turn out so completely different.

8. Baby sisters can have the wisdom of an 80 year old.

9. Life is rough and hard…but we will always have our mud pies baked on the top of the dog house.

10. Sisters may get up with the sole intention of driving you crazy…but there is no replacement for them in the entire world.

Photo Courtesy of Courtney Jacobs Photography


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