10 Things My Parents Taught Me

Day 4


10 Things My Parents Taught Me

1. For better OR for worse…not either or.

2. Being a loyal spouse means being faithful even when your needs aren’t being met.

3. Working alongside each other tells you mountains about the other person…like how much a tree limb can hurt when dropped.

4. Children make you 1,000x less selfish.

5. The wife is usually right…except when it comes to math problems.

6. Have “The Talk” with all of your daughter’s boyfriends.  Even when you’re looking at a police officer in uniform who just finished a shift.

7. Sometimes you have to let go.

8. Hard work is essential for the soul.

9. Trust in God and love him with all your heart, soul, and mind.

10. Parents don’t stop loving their children…they also don’t stop worrying about them either.

11. (It had to be said) Parents are always thinking about the day they become grandparents.


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