A Lifelong Hobby

I saw one of the best quotes on pinterest a couple weeks ago…


I couldn’t agree more heartily.  Everyday I make sure to take a little time out to read…for the quiet, the escape, the knowledge.  Reading is so fundamental to a well rounded mind.  It’s one of the great things I miss about college…being forced to expand your mind and level of comprehension.  Perhaps forced is too strong a word…encouraged.

So what’s on everyone’s reading list?

I recently finished the official biography of The Queen Mother by William Shawcross which was incredibly illuminating especially if you are interested in the royal family.

Also The Reagan Diaries edited by Douglas Brinkley…even if you don’t agree with his politics…the way he talks about his wife would make anyone smile.


Next for me is Serena by Ron Rash about a newlywed couple in North Carolina during the Great Depression who are seeking to build a timber empire.  The book is being made into a film starting Jennifer Lawrence and contains one of the most ruthless female protagonists many readers have come across.  Should be interesting!


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