Letters to My Daughter


My Darling Girl,

I don’t know how to put into words how much I love you or how much I think about you.  I love you more than I do my own self.  Much much more.  But what I really want to tell you and what I hope you’ll understand someday are my hopes, prayers, and dreams for you.

I pray that you’ll be a woman of God-made strong by your imperfections and your struggles.  I dream that you’ll always follow his will for your life as your father and I have striven to do.  I hope that when you come against worldly pressures you’ll remember your parents who cut up all your food for you and kissed every hurt and you’ll choose to say no.  I dream that you’ll tell me about your struggles and about your mistakes so that we can talk about them together and not let secrets fester.

I pray that you go out into the world completely secure in the fact that you are cherished, adored, and loved by your parents.  I dream that this will make you stronger, help you soar higher, and give you the confidence to chase all that life has to offer.  I hope and pray that you are a confident woman, a woman who looks at herself in the mirror and does not dwell on looks but looks to the heart and is proud of what she sees.  I dream that you are stronger than me, that you do not cave to society’s view of beauty and of a woman’s worth.  I hope that I continue to learn from you.  I pray that when I do cry when you move out of the house you are able to know they are tears of joy and also tears of a mother who can’t ever forget that tiny little baby.  The little baby she whispered ‘happy birthday’ to as she took her first breath.

I pray for a good man for you.  A strong man.  A brave man.  I pray that he lifts you up and marks you as his equal.  I hope for a bright future for you.  Not hampered by ideas of what a wife should be, but rather what she is intended to be.  What your husband needs, what God needs.  I dream that he supports you in all your endeavors as your father has supported me.  I pray for a life rich in love and memories and laughter.  I dream of Sunday dinners with the four of us as we grow to love and cherish your husband.

I dream of the day when you grasp my hands in yours and whisper that you’re going to be a mom.  I pray that I can impart what little knowledge I have to you in a helpful way.  I dream that this makes your transition into motherhood easier.  I pray that I get to hold your Dad’s hand as this moment happens-mostly to keep him from remembering the pain I was in.  I dream of the look on your face, the glow.  I hope you forgive me for mistakes I made while stumbling through parenthood.

But mostly, my daughter, I dream that you’ll never grow too old to hold your mother’s hand.  I pray that through your young years I did enough things right that you still cherish me as I will always cherish you.  I also beg your forgiveness in advance for all the crazy things your father is likely to do in the name of your protection.

With all My Love,

Your Mother


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