Creating a Picture Gallery





One of my recent DIY projects was a picture gallery.  I had most of these wonderful photos just strung up on ribbon and attached to the wall but it didn’t look finished.

So enter a rather outdated picture my sister gave me that used to hang in our parents house…similar to this

photo 1

Not really the greatest.  And not really my decor.

But it was so easy to fix.  I took out matte, no chances of saving it because the picture was glued onto it, and the glass.  Then I twisted in these things…

photo 2

I have no idea what they are called.  Anyways I screwed them in right in the recess where the matte used to lay.  Six in total, three pairs.  Then its only a matter of picking out your ribbon or adorable twine and stringing it.  I did mine a bit loose so that the pictures would hang in a curve.  It turned out gorgeous.  And the best part is that the photos can be switched out any time for new ones and I can hang 15 pictures without needing 15 frames.  Quite economical.

Hope you enjoyed!


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