Party Weekend

I apologize for the short absence the last couple of days.  It is birthday party weekend for the beautiful little girl in my home and things are going at full speed around here.  Mr. Wonderful has been incredibly busy with work so it’s down to my MIL and I, who I have to say is the woman you definitely want on your side when planning a party.

This year’s theme?


What else?

This morning when I went in to change her diaper she groggily wrapped her arm around her favorite owl and pulled him out of bed with her.  He’s always in the car with us and woe betide her Dad if he puts her to bed without him.


There he is at her right hand.

We are all very excited about the party…Little Miss Owl loves to be the center of attention and loves wrapping paper even more.

On another note the changing table she has completely grown out of was SOLD! So with help from my in laws we purchased new shelving and baskets for the closet and have it completely organized.  No clutter to be found!  I feel like my life has meaning again. 🙂


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