Our Day.

Today is an extra special day. The day Mr. Wonderful and I became husband and wife and the day the three of us became a family.  I couldn’t imagine my life without the two of them…making me laugh, making me cry, making me shake my head at their antics. Family makes life beautiful…just like seeing new places is only truly wonderful when you have someone to share it with.  And while I didn’t see myself as a mother for a long time…I am beyond thrilled that I am one.  Beyond thrilled to be the wife of an amazing man who continues to surprise me every day with his unmeasurable love.

I love you both.

To the last four years. And to Our Day.

July 18 collage

What a change life can bring us in such a short amount of time.

Oh and if you are wondering about gifts, the 4th anniversary is linen (traditional) or flowers (modern-also have heard chocolate-that should be required on every anniversary I think).  You can guess who did which.  Mine were pressed…so I can always have them.  And while linen is a little specific I went with canvas…canvas covered in oil paint.  My newly completed painting of Urquart Castle. Based off a photo I took…



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