The Big Party Revisited

I wanted to go back to Little Miss Owl’s birthday party…give a little walk through to show all the work involved and how beautifully it turned out.

My MIL and I had…I think…four meetings to plan out the party.  Food, favors, decor, guest list…it was a lot to go through.

The theme was never discussed…we knew right from the beginning what it should be. Owls.  Last year was a tea party and it was great.  But this year we wanted to bring her in more hence all the bite (or so) sized foods.  Perfect for a two year old.

We start off with the desert table…


Above is a fabric covered art print that we attached the happy birthday banner to.

On the table are owl gift bags, sour gummy worms in little baskets, shortbread owl cookies with wafer paper, owl cupcakes, and of course the large owl cookies.IMG_3863

To make these…simply open an oreo (twisting or a knife is key) and then place on top of the cupcake along with M&Ms for eyes and orange or black ones for the beak.


Next come the large owl cookies, which is a chocolate chip cookie batter (sans chips) with a chocolate frosting.  For the owl: peach rings and white chocolate chips for the eyes, black licorice for the “eye brows”, black sprinkles for the body, and M&Ms for the feet and beak.  They turned out delicious and were a huge hit!


Here are the shortbread cookies with the owl design on wafer paper.  MIL found the wafer paper and I will edit the post with that link.  They were delicious.  Royal icing was used to bond the paper to the shortbread.


This is a vanilla bean cake with strawberries and blackberries as filling then iced with dirty ice.  I did a flower design on the sides with a piping tip.  Then I colored the fondant green and pink and cut out the eyes and wings with circular cookie cutters.  For the eyes I didn’t fold in the coloring completely so that they have a “marbled look” which makes them look like actual eyes.  The smaller circles for the wings were layered on top of each other for depth.


Onto the food!! Above are the little food signs…I used a font called Magic (Harry Potter themed) and then printed on cardstock.  It’s an inexpensive and easy way to let your guests know what they are eating-even if its all food they know.  Then it just looks good. 🙂


The hit of the party-burger sliders.  They consisted of whole wheat buns that were purchased at target, small sized hamburger patties we shaped ourselves, and then spinach and onion.  The burger was then skewered with a cherry tomato.  The skewers were topped with cardstock buntings that my MIL printed out.  An easy way to add in how old the birthday girl is!


Ignore the glare…also among the food were bite sized grilled cheese with tomato soup.  The grilled cheese were made with cheddar cheese and sprinkled with a tomato and basil feta cheese.  They were pronounced as the best grilled cheese…and they were gone at the end of the party.

Sprinkled on the table are cut outs of 2’s as well as little owls.  I had a punch that was left over from her first birthday party.  It was bought in Michaels in their Martha Stewart collection.  Also on display are four topiaries sitting on some fake grass that was purchased from hobby lobby.  The topiaries are home to some metal owls as well as plastic owls.


Here’s a closer look.


We also served fruit kabobs consisting of two strawberries, two melons, and one watermelon.  The melons were all cut out with cookie cutters to add a bit of whimsy to the table.

What isn’t pictured are our mac and cheese bites that were placed in cupcake liners. Because we have to accommodate dietary needs, these were made with gluten free pasta and were delicious.


And finally here’s Little Miss Owl enjoying her brunch right before the party.

All in all it was a brilliant success and left us with some delicious leftovers and one exceptionally happy birthday girl-which means the world.

Oh, and a big congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the arrival of their son.


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