The Start of a Book

I thought I’d offer you all a look at the new book I’m writing. Hope you like it.

The Adulteress

“It’s a blue house with lovely white shutters and a wrap around porch where you can sit and watch the ocean, and it’s close to my parents!” Pulling the four of us girls along the lonely road back to the ranch it seemed like a dream house…a dream world. I kicked a rock on the roughly paved road conjuring up an image of that house. And it seemed happy, as if nothing sad or angry could live in sight of such beauty.

“What about Dad?” My oldest sister Leah piped up with a rather fierce and somewhat quizzical look on her face.

“Dad will probably want to stay here.” My mother waved off the comment as dismissively as possible.

I glanced over at Leah with sad eyes and in that moment we agreed soundlessly that someone would have to stay behind to take care of him. I could almost feel my lip curling at the comment. I certainly wasn’t going to go live in some fantasy house next to my mother’s parents.

“So doesn’t that sound wonderful? Who wants to go?!” With childlike glee she looked around at us all and while our two youngest sisters jumped up and down in glee over the prospect of moving somewhere new. Leah and I stayed silent and I kicked at another little rock. They hadn’t even painted lines on our road…we were that insignificant. In that moment I could feel my mother’s hot glare on the back of my head as if it was seeping into my actual being scorching like fire on grass.

“I don’t know Mom…” It was all I could get out. The pain of leaving and living next to those people was overwhelming. The loss of my father excruciating. As good as I was imagining far off places this new house didn’t take much. And with that I said the bravest words of my life, “….I think I’ll stay here for a while Mom.”

I was not spoken to for a week.

(All the above material is copywritted and is not for sale or reproduction)


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