A Dollhouse for my Daughter

When I was in middle school I watched a family’s four daughters.  They had the most wonderful dollhouse.  It was large and had just the right amount of furniture.  It was a store bought one however and it lacked a vintage feel.  Nevertheless I was very taken with it as a child.

Now that I have my own daughter I have the excuse I needed to bring one into our home.  Since spending hundreds of dollars on the beautiful vintage furniture and decorations is out of the question…I’ve decided to go DIY.  Last night while researching homemade dollhouse decorations I came across some amazing ideas.  The great thing is that there are so many household items that can be painted or repurposed into great decor!

So here’s my list…

-Cover to face primer for lucite table

-floss container for half of toilet

-covers to mini shampoo for vase

-mini shampoo for large vase

-soap holder for bathtub

-tissue box pattern for frames

-print out of a mantle/fireplace modpodged onto wooden block

-chopsticks for curtain rods

-bottle caps for dishes

-gold candy wrappers for frames

-fabric sample books for curtains/bedspreads

-earring backs for furniture legs




-bed spreads


-leftover window blind slats for roof

-apply paper to cardboard for statement art

-altoids tin for sink

-metal lids from frozen juices for table tops

-wooden blocks for seating

-coffee table from ipod nano box

-buttons for burners on stove

-carpet samples for carpet in the house

-spool from a roll of scotch tape for lamp shade covered with fabric if necessary

-oval shaped shampoo cap from pantene bottle for toilet seat

-chandelier silhouette printed for the wall

-christmas bobble ornament for hallway light fixture

-stacked matchbooks for nightstand

-miniature forks from party for kitchen decor

-old necklaces for decor

Here is what I gathered up last night!

photo 1

At first it looks like a lot of junk…

Theres a small candle that will be great for a side table, the black square is the new flat screen tv, the pandora box a little chair, the necklaces become decor for the walls, the pencil lead holder once painted for a lamp stand…

photo 2

To hang on the wall…

photo 2

From a bookmark that will be mounted to cardboard for a picture!!!

photo 3

Ipod dock for a sink (also going to use a half of an easter egg for a pedestal sink)

photo 4

Case for an old photo drive becomes a laptop (with printouts added) as well as a St. Christopher medal to hang on the wall (Patron Saint of Law Enforcement)

photo 5

And finally the tv, I’m going to take off the tabs and then add a picture behind it printed on cardstock.

So that’s what I have so far! If you have any other ideas for the dollhouse using household items let me know!!  Now I just need to find a little diamond in the rough to start fixing up!


5 thoughts on “A Dollhouse for my Daughter

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