Dollhouse Part 1: The Blueprints

This has to be one of my absolutely favorite DIY projects.  I started with this…photo 1

An old bookcase that we had on hand that was seriously not being used for anything.  Just sitting in a nook by our kitchen.  A while ago Mr. Wonderful had painted it black because it’s original wood stain was neither pretty and nor did it match our other decor.  I think I just told Mr. Wonderful this was what I was going to use…and hey it was free!  There haven’t been many craigslists finds recently and you honestly can’t beat free.

So then one of the most exciting stages of the process…designing!  Which I love.  I wanted this dollhouse to be ‘liveable’ for a two and a half year old which meant that it needed DIY and repurposed furniture and decor.  Fortunately both those are much cheaper than all of the ‘normal’ dollhouse furniture in stores.

I also wanted the dollhouse to be eclectic as if the little inhabitants had taken what they could find to decorate their house.  And then while I was contemplating the windows it came to me…a little Parisian apartment.  Because they have to live somewhere…and every little girl loves Paris.

The original design. Ground floor: living room, entryway, and kitchen.  First floor: master bedroom, Little Miss Owl’s room.  On top is the terrace.

photo 1

My drawings aren’t all that great…but hey I’m the only one that has to go off these ‘blueprints.’

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

I think this Christmas she will remember forever…


5 thoughts on “Dollhouse Part 1: The Blueprints

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