Dollhouse Part 2: Painting

Part 1: Blueprints

So after I spent over a week designing the dollhouse and figuring out the paint scheme it was time to actually paint what I could before the interior walls go in this weekend.

The entire shelf was sanded, primed, and then painted a nice white.  Little girls’ dollhouses should feel light and airy…and hey the little dolls live in Paris!

So here you have the master bedroom and Little Miss Owl’s bedroom painted as well as the terrace…I’m thinking a little bit of grass and some trees with a BBQ…it’s going to be fabulous.  I also picked up some little delights from Hobby Lobby…$4.00

photo 2

I actually separated the china hutch so that it could become both an entertainment center for the living room and a cabinet for the kitchen!  All it takes is an exacto knife and then a little bit of sanding for the rough parts.

photo 3

I also picked up some small wood frames that were primed and then painted rose gold which will make wonderful frames around the house!

photo 4

There’s some touchup thats needed in the Master…whoops.

photo 5


6 thoughts on “Dollhouse Part 2: Painting

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