As most of you know I blog for the Daily Hiit as well.  You can find me here. It’s a great community of people who are dedicated both to fitness and to others.  And as a stay at home mom with a busy schedule the at home workouts are amazing.  This week we (the team of bloggers) all received and email about what exactly motivates us.  They asked for stories and quotes so that we can motivate and inspire others  even more.

Yesterday on the site I wrote about a very different view of motivation.  One that we all forget about.  Other people.  This week I gave an unexpected gift to a friend, taught my daughter to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and wrote a letter to Mr. Wonderful with a list of all his gifts and talents.  So in short I stopped focusing on myself and what was going to make ME happy and I focused on others.  Shockingly enough (or not so much) my own problems receded so much that I actually felt much lighter and more motivated in life.  There’s the old saying that love is the only thing that you can give and give away and never run out.

Last night I took Little Miss Owl to Jo-Anns to pick up scrapbook paper for the dollhouse walls and some fabric as well.  Shopping for her just made my day.  All I can think about is how her little face will light up on Christmas and how this dollhouse will be a staple of her childhood.  And as a good friend pointed out it’s great that I can take her along and still not spoil the surprise!


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